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For millions of years, this water has worked its way through the valuable rock. It washes the veins of gold and silver. The ideal content of ionized precious metals and other high-quality minerals makes this special water an Aqua Prestige!

This water is filled in high-quality and noble glass bottles, according to its high quality at the source, as one of the best waters in the world deserves. 

Let’s talk more about the packaging, besides its unique design, the packaging is designed to protect the contents as well as possible. You may not know it, but depending on the container, a product can be contaminated with harmful chemicals that come from the container itself. This is true for many plastics. Glass, however, is a pure substance that poses no risk to the product. Both Aqua Prestige bottles, White and Black, have a matte coating that protects the water from direct exposure to UV light. In addition to the intriguing look and protection against UV rays, black glass has another major advantage, which is that the darker glass can be recycled an infinite number of times, proving to be one hundred percent safe for both the unique water inside and for the environment.

Speaking of recycling, did you know that certain materials release pollutants during the recycling process? In addition to being infinitely recyclable, dark glass releases considerably low amounts of pollution compared to other materials.

And as we at Aqua Prestige place great emphasis on sustainability, proven by the fact that we do not exploit the spring, but only use the water that is released naturally, namely only 4 million liters of its precious water every year.

Thus the design of the black bottle is not just a matter of fancy marketing but encompasses the set of principles and values of Aqua Prestige.

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