Aqua Prestige is a Member of the Fine Water Society

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We are thrilled to announce that our esteemed product, Aqua Prestige water, has been recognized and included in the prestigious Fine Water Society (FWS). Founded in 2008, the Fine Water Society is a global platform that sets the benchmark for exceptional water, celebrating the art of water appreciation and transforming the perception of this elemental beverage. This inclusion is a testament to the unique qualities and characteristics that make Aqua Prestige water stand out.

The Fine Water Society was established with a noble vision in mind – to reshape the way the world views water. Far from being mere H2O, water is portrayed as a natural, unprocessed product boasting terroir and individual characteristics. It’s a concept that resonates deeply with us at Aqua Prestige, as we have always believed in showcasing water as an essential element that transcends its basic form.

One of the core principles of the Fine Water Society is that every water holds a distinct story and personality, making it impossible to declare a single “best” water. At Aqua Prestige, we embrace this notion wholeheartedly. We understand that each drop of water carries its own unique character and experiences, and it’s this very essence that sets Aqua Prestige apart.

The manifesto of the Fine Water Society, known as the common core, outlines the vision for what constitutes a Fine Water. Among the principles that deeply resonate with Aqua Prestige:

Fine Water is Not Just Water: Aqua Prestige isn’t a run-of-the-mill commodity; it’s a natural, unaltered product with a connection to its geological and historical origins. With the same care as the gentle bottling process at the water’s source, we bring you a taste experience that is as close to nature as possible. We take pride in preserving the authenticity of our water.

Fine Water Deserves Its Place on the Fine Dining Table: At Aqua Prestige, we consider water an essential element of gastronomy. Just as wine deserves attention, our water is meticulously curated to complement various taste sensations. We pay homage to the art of water presentation, from vintage and temperature to stemware choices, ensuring that every sip is an experience in itself.

Fine Water is an Affordable Luxury: Aqua Prestige stands as a testament to accessible luxury. Our water exudes quality, making it a luxury segment within premium waters. Its distribution might be limited, but its rarity and unique appeal have a resonance that goes beyond the ordinary. Every bottle of Aqua Prestige carries with it a story, a brand history, and a touch of dream value.

This recognition by the Fine Water Society reaffirms our commitment to presenting water as an art form, an experience, and a vital component of life. Aqua Prestige water’s journey in the Fine Water Society is a testament to its exceptional qualities and its place among waters of distinction. We invite you to explore the world of Aqua Prestige and discover the terroir-rich, unique experience that our water brings to the table.

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