Radiesthetic certificate for Aqua Prestige

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Sources in Stanija village, Buces commune, Huneadoara county

Verification of the water sample on 03.10.2022

Summary Evaluation

From a Radiesthetic point of view Aqua Prestige spring source is to be assessed as a water of the HIGHEST QUALITY, for several reasons:

  • The water has an extremely high energy of 40.000 BE

On a Bovis scale of 40,000 BE, the measurements each yield 40,000 BE! This is the highest value of the scale BE used. Rarely, however, such high values are assumed.

The usual spring water has normally an energetic value of 25,000 BE.  

  • The water has a Yang polarity

The water has a Yang polarity of 6/7 degrees with a distance of measurements about 70 cm. Sources of this kind, indicate an origin in a Yang-directed leyline, based on the acquired expertise of the Institute. The usual spring water is predominantly oriented with a polarity Yin felt.  

  • The water shows special energy frequencies

Another characteristic of Aqua Prestige is the resonance to the frequencies of light, in this ideal case on all known frequencies of light. According to Dr. Enza Maria Cuccolo, we are talking about white light, in the prism all 7 colors of the rainbow. Usual drinking water represents 2 or 3 colors

The Institute has been shown expertise performed by the National Institute for Isotope and Molecular Analysis of Cluj-Napoca which confirms the existence of a silver and gold percentage for the spring mentioned above. It is very rare to find it in a perfect dosage. Aqua Prestige is safe to consume by any individual, regardless of age, gender, and medical history. Even more, it is one of the cleanest waters, that exists, free of all impurities. Additionally, consumption of this water can assist to increase the functional activity of cells, organs, and various body systems.

          The evaluation should be interpreted in the context of the HIGH ENERGY, of the strong Yang orientation of the spring water as well as the way of acting of the dissolved minerals. 

          According to experts like Gudrun Dalla Via, Monika Baumgartner, or Bernd Kröplin, there have been hundreds of studies conducted on the effects of Light Water, all of which have shown extremely positive results in various ways – slower aging, cancer treatment, improved metabolism, diabetes treatment, improved brain functions leading to reduced depression, improved cardiovascular health, higher energy levels, and overall well-being.

          Further benefits of Light Waters include reduced growth of tumors, reduced obesity, improvement of mental health, a slower aging process, and reduction in various other chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and coronary heart diseases. These experts call these waters healing waters.

Aqua Prestige spring source provides high energy levels for the human body because of the Yang orientation and rare minerals it contains which we named Unique Energetic Value.

It is for the first time that our institute has shown such a case. This source is exceptional, it provides



1. RADIESTHESIA is not a scientific procedure. On the one hand, it is based on individual sensor technology, but on the other hand, it demands absolute inner neutrality towards the result as a process. The questions are to be posed in such a way that there can only be yes or no answers.  Mutant units for comparison must be calibrated, empirical values are important.  Statements based on mutation should be justified with possible n verifiability.  Not everything that has proven itself has been subjected to a proof procedure in the sense of the classical laws of science. Ability to criticize statements such as methods is legitimate and necessary!

 Leylines are parallel “energetic lines” situated most of the time at 3-4 meters from one another, consisting of a Yin line (the feminine, cooling, calming) with high energy and a Yang one (heat, exciting, masculine) defined by Chinese natural science. There is no explanation for the structural mode, their lengths being different, from hundreds of km to several km. The builders of Roman churches and the Late Gothic, took them into account, particularly in Europe. Thus, there are explaining some construction abnormalities. These lines extend over several km, like in Austria, Pettenbach Church, St Michael from Rauchenodt, and other places of worship.

The fountains and springs found in these crossroads show particular characteristics, places of worship were built at such crossroads. The common background of energy in BE, Yin-Yang orientation, and the mineral contents produce these effects of the medical waters.

2 YIN-YANG: Nature is DI-polar. The polarity Yin is attributed to the feminine and calming, and Yang is active and masculine. High-energy yang places are preferred by women, and Yin places by men. Yang places produce an observable unconscious right-handed motor response in test subjects, Yin places a left-handed one. Hence the terms right-clockwise-left-turning.

3.  LIGHT WATER: Basically, water, whether rain or source, is slightly left polar. Water has about 40 anomalies! Geological conditions can lead to right-polar water. These are known in gradual dependence as healing water, “holy water”. A special form is colloidal waters – high adhering properties that can transfer their information state to other waters. Light water represents the highest quality of water. Basically: Light water is never produced by physical treatment by devices, it requires the source. Light waters can differ in their mineral/material content, all are common to 40,000 BE according to my scaling and have Yang orientation.

4. The water of AQUA PRESTIGE as light water is, in my opinion, due to years of experience and critical examination of the detectability of an information transfer to liquids, particularly suitable for subjectively intentional healing treatment.

The term ” light water ” was founded by Dr. Enza Maria Cuccolo. In the prism, the Lourdes water as the object of investigation yielded the frequencies of the rainbow from 400 to 700 NNM, together they give white light.

According to the literature, these frequencies correspond to those in healthy brains and tissues. The effect of many healing springs also called “aqua de luce bianca” in Italy is attributed to the resonance phenomenon of light water.

Particularly interesting are the statements and image-giving procedures of Univ.  Prof.  Bernd Kröplin using dark field microscopy.  Recommended videos on YouTube, especially presentation at the water conference in Sofia 2017.

 Known examples are the pictorial representations of  Dr. Masaru Emoto.

The reproducibility of the experiments in the classical sense is difficult,  because actually here in the macro range, the law is similar to quantum physics, that even the observation based on the resonance phenomenon between water and experimenter influences the result.

 5. The task of the Institute for Radioesthetic Data Analysis was not aimed at profit but at the urge to research. Central was the discussion of the question of the conditions for correct mutant statements. The institute was officially closed in 2018 due to my age. Purely out of curiosity, I still sometimes deal with sources. The combination of light water and gold/silver parts is a nice finish!

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