The secret of the sacred springs

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The following remarks are based on an article by Peter Elster, Munich, 2006
Light water therapy

Are the pilgrims right after all? For thousands of years, they have been wandering to the so-called holy springs to strengthen the body, mind, and soul. Medical and physical studies suggest that the waters from Lourdes, Montichiari, or Medjugorje are indeed different from ordinary H2O. Naturopath Peter Elster gets to the bottom of the mystery here.

In the age of research and development, people have specialized in the application of machine or pharmaceutical therapies, losing sight of the fundamentals of the healing arts. But ultimately, life is not possible without water and light, and this fact has been taken into account in many ancient cultures and dealt with the healing power of light and water.

Water is more than just a liquid

Water is special in many ways. Within a very narrow temperature range, it occurs in three “dimensions”: solid, as ice; liquid, as water; and gaseous, as steam. Surprisingly, it is heaviest at 4° Celsius and not as ice. Further considered, water increases in size when it freezes instead of decreasing in size, as is the case with almost all other substances. It also has the peculiarity of joining together to form molecular chains and, at room temperature, to form so-called clusters of about 400 molecules. At its boiling point of 100° Celsius, it surprisingly does not produce any foul odors, although this would be expected from its composition.

Water reaches its particularly strong binding ability and flows property at 37°, which makes it clear to us that our body temperature is no coincidence. It is soft and adaptable, but at the same time, it can dissolve all materials. Water tends to form a spherical shape, but it can assume other shapes such as spirals, waves, whirlpools, or double spirals. The formula H2O is only true in the vapor state. When it becomes liquid, its structure changes extremely and we can then speak of liquid crystals. One of the basic conditions why life exists on our planet is the fact that water can store heat and cold for long periods of time and only releases it slowly. If this were not possible, the air temperature would fluctuate by more than 100° Celsius in short intervals. Moreover, without relative humidity, the winds could not be slowed down, which would otherwise sweep across the earth with devastating force.

Infinite storage of information

In the past, many researchers and institutes have studied the phenomenon of water and found that under certain conditions water has the ability to store and transmit information. In Germany, Dr. rer. nat. Wolf-gang Ludwig, the founder of the Institute for Biophysics in Horb, succeeded in proving that even homeopathic remedies prepared by Samuel Hahnemann more than 150 years ago still fully exhibited their vibrational properties and were thus one hundred percent effective. In addition, it was found that hand shaking or remedies shaken with a hydraulic pump contained significantly purer vibrational information than electric shakers.

Dancing molecules

There are a lot of photographs about the complexity and liveliness of water, for example, George De La Warr, Peter J. Bentley, Andreas Schulz, Ernst F. Braun, Alexander Lauterwasser, and Masaru Emoto. A nice description of the communication of water has been formulated by the professor of theoretical physics of Milan, Emilio del Giudice: “One can compare the water molecules to a dance floor. The masters are the atomic nuclei, and the ladies the electrons. These oscillate and constantly change partners to a piece of music that is generated by the overall context and corresponds to the frequencies of an electromagnetic field. In this way, each particle interacts with all the others, and they “talk” to each other, even at a distance.” Other interesting studies by Prof. Karl Trincher, a biophysicist, confirm that water binds together in different phases, and Prof. Vittorio Elia, utilizing a heat meter (a calorimeter), has found that water reacts to the presence of a human being without being in direct or indirect contact with him. When a person enters a room where water is present, it warms up and stores this heat. If the person leaves the room again, the water returns to its original state after a certain time delay. This makes us think of the morphogenetic fields according to Rupert Sheldrake. Especially the human consciousness has a strong influence on the cluster formation of the water, as can be seen in the worth seeing pictures of Mr. Emoto.

Water for health

The healing power of water has been known for thousands of years and besides Hippocrates, especially Kneipp and Priessnitz are well known today. In addition to homeopathy, Bach flower therapy is also a well-known and good therapy that makes use of water. Unfortunately, until today light water therapy is still little known, although it can join the effect of homeopathy and Bach flowers at any time. The light waters are a discovery of the Milanese biologist Dr. Enza Ciccolo, who has more than 20 years of research in the field and has proven its effectiveness in many cases.

Light water in research

The discovery began in 1984 in Lourdes, when Ciccolo examined the water and found that in this water the bacteria and microorganisms behave completely differently than otherwise known. These findings were then verified at the Institute of Hydrology in Milan using the Piccardi test and the colloidal test with gold salts. (Colloidal solutions represent mixtures of substances in which the dissolved particles are so large that they refract light rays and the path of the light rays becomes visible. Thus, the light frequencies could be determined). Finally, it was concluded that the microorganisms and bacteria lose their aggressiveness due to the light water and become inactive. Besides, it was found out in research that Lourdes water contains all seven typical frequencies of light. These are 2.5 Hertz (Hz), 5 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz, 40 Hz, 80 Hz and 160 Hz. Furthermore, it was observed that this particular water also responds to the frequencies of living tissues, but at a higher level of vibration. Living tissue vibrates at low frequencies and specifically in the infrared range from 2.5 to 160 Hz.

Healing springs in other places of power

After this discovery, other sources have been sought where these phenomena are also present. Over the years, the following places have been added to this list: Montichiari (Northern Italy), Medjugorje (Bosnia), San Damiano (Northern Italy), Fatima (Portugal), Santa Maria alla Fontana (Northern Italy), Efeso (Palestine), Einsiedel (Switzerland). In the meantime, other sites have been discovered, but the ones mentioned have been researched the longest and best. Considering the sites, one question naturally arises: do the waters of light have to do with religion? This is a hard question and I think that this is not crucial, since healing also has a spiritual component and faith always plays an essential role. The sites are places of power and even then they were not chosen arbitrarily, there is simply a cosmic power flowing there that is beyond the mind. In 1985, Harvard professor Boguslaw Lipinki made measurements with an electroscope (model BT-400 – Biotech Canada) for five consecutive days.

This meter measures air ionization and nuclear radiations in rads per hour. In Medjugorje, at certain times and in certain places, he found values up to 100000 rads per hour – normally one finds 1-15 rads per hour. Nuclear contamination could not be present and electrostatic interference was also ruled out with certainty. One spoke then of an “unknown form of energy”, of a probably mental and/or spiritual form of energy.

Why the “light” in the name?

Light waters are waters that are resonant to the seven fundamental frequencies of light and exhibit a right-hand spin. Since all seven light frequencies together give the white light and this in turn can split into spectral colors, these waters were called “acque a luce bianca” (white light waters). Because of the first places where they were found, the waters were also called “Marian waters”. Later, the term light waters became established. In the meantime, thousands of waters from all over the world have been examined for their resonance with light frequencies. Only a small part of them (not only from Christian or religious places) is resonant to all seven frequencies. What light waters have in common with homeopathy and Bach flowers, is the subtle energetic effect. The difference is, on the one hand, that homeopathy and Bach flowers have been developed by humans and human hands, while the light waters are already fully developed in nature. The second and decisive difference is that homeopathy and Bach flowers have been developed from matter to energy, while the light waters work in exactly the opposite direction. The reproducibility of light waters is similarly peculiar to that of homeopathic remedies. In principle, light waters are infinitely reproducible. If one adds nine drops from one of the sources to a liter of normal water, the information is transferred to the entire amount of water, so that with nine drops of this new extraction a liter can be produced again.

Project Experience

In April 2006 a study with tumor illnesses ran out, in which Peter Elster from Munich participated. A total of 22 cancer patients were treated with alternative methods. Light water was used as an adjunct. The patients were enthusiastic about the method because it was simple and uncomplicated and enormously inexpensive. Of course, it is not possible to cure a tumor disease with it, but light waters have a positive influence on the general condition. There is a wide range of possible applications. During the study, light water was used to harmonize the order systems. In the meantime, we use them in practice for a variety of diseases, as the experience has been extremely positive. Although the light waters, like homeopathy and Bach flowers, are ridiculed, the often good results of these therapies cannot be denied. In the meantime, there is also enough experience and knowledge to use this therapy wisely. It is important to understand that the light waters are not a competition to homeopathy or Bach flowers but on the contrary a perfect complement. To date, no side effects have been observed. Interestingly are also experiments in which the effect of light water on plants was observed. Since placebo effects on plants are unlikely, the results are particularly explosive. I conducted part of these experiments myself. These experiments succeeded best with orchids. One of them was watered with normal water and the other with light water. Among other things, it soon became apparent that the light-water orchid sprouted significantly more flowers. This experiment was carried out several times, and the result was always the same.

Measurements of the light waters

Light waters have already been tested in many trials using a wide variety of methods. However, more recent investigations have not yet been completed in some cases, so the results are still pending. The measurements with infrared instruments yielded some astonishing results. For example, it was striking that Lourdes and Fatima’s water has enormous similarities with human brain waves. Furthermore, investigations with an IR photo spectrometer (infrared rays) revealed great differences between light water and normal water. Normal water always shows the same linear spectrum of the water molecule. In the case of light water, on the other hand, the recordings of the instrument were very different from light water to light water. In addition, the sensor oscillated so quickly between the highest and lowest values of the measuring scale that the spring of the instrument recorded black stripes. Exactly what this means has not yet been researched. The fact is, however, that special phenomena and deflections occur with light waters. Wolfgang Ludwig examined the light waters with a dipole meter. This is a device that can measure the ability of various substances to condense electricity. Ludwig found that water behaves completely differently than other substances and also differently than one would normally expect. The dipole constant factor (DK) of light water at room temperature is 81, that of air only one, and extremely few substances exceed values of four or five. A better method of measuring the light waters is electroacupuncture according to Voll. With it, the positive effect of the light waters can be quickly detected and documented. The Voll device measures electro-physical resistances and conductance values at the classical acupuncture points of the extremities. Thus, it can detect the current energetic state of the organism. If a disease is present, the measured data are altered in a specific way. If one carries out measurements before and after taking the light water, noticeable differences can be found. Furthermore, one examined the light waters with the following measuring methods (an excerpt, which is not complete): Chromatography, spectroscope, bio-electronic-meter, conductance measurement, investigations with ultraviolet light, infrared light, green light, polarized light, laser beams, magnetic-nuclear resonance, pulsar Doppler, biophoton measurement, electron microscope, nuclear magnetic resonance, low-frequency kinetic oscillations. In addition, pH, electrical resistivity, surface tension, viscosity, changes in soil composition, the response of viruses and bacteria, and tidal response were also tested.

Attempts to explain the effect

Until today, one is not yet able to explain scientifically the very good and amazingly positive effect of light waters. On the one hand, this may be due to the problem of the provability of energetic medicine. On the other hand, it is not yet possible to record these processes with scientifically recognized measuring instruments. One hypothesis is that the waters are capable of producing nuclear transmutations. This was experimentally proven by the chemist Corentin Louis Kervran in Paris. In purely chemical terms, the light waters do not differ in any way from other waters. Differences only become visible when, for example, the energetic state is measured with the Voll device before and after application with the Light Waters. The amazing effect can also be explained by the connection to the Golden Section. Research has shown that the places where Light Waters have been found, similar to other places of power (pyramids, temples, churches), correspond to the Golden Ratio. Thus, the energy in Lourdes is distributed in pyramid form, not in square form, but on a rhomboid basis, which corresponds to the Red Pyramid in Dahshur. The energy fields of the square base move only in one direction and stagnate, which stops decomposition and mummifies. The energy fields of the rhomboidal base spread and act in a spiral form from the bottom to the top and vice versa, which has a profound effect on our organism. This rhomboid form is also used for energizing rooms. In addition, Dr. Ciccolo, while studying the water molecules, found that in Lourdes water the angle of the molecules HOH corresponds exactly to 108°, which is the golden section, while normal water molecules have an angle of 104° (personal communication of Dr. Ciccolo in February 2005 at a meeting in Switzerland) Finally, an interesting hypothesis was put forward by Harvard professor Boguslaw Lipinski. He suspects that the positive effect of the light waters is due to their influence on the electrons in the human body. Light waters help the body, organ, or tissue to return to the natural frequency.

Effect on orchids

For this experiment, two orchids of the same type and size were selected and placed in the center of the room so that both had the same amount of light. One plant was watered with normal water and the other with light water at the same time. After a week, a wooden structure was placed in the darkest corner, designed according to the golden ratio, with five containers of different light waters. After four weeks, two things were noticed:1. the orchids watered with light water had significantly more flowers.2. the flowers had turned away from the window in the direction of the construction! In principle, one can say that the light water in combination with the energy form has a higher priority than photosynthesis. This is more than amazing and everybody can imitate this experiment and get a comparable result by themselves.

Light water in the tumor study

In the tumor study from October 2005 to April 2006, we also used the light waters as a supporting method within the overall concept. Although light waters alone cannot cure cancer, they have a very good influence on the general condition of the patient. They help to harmonize the order and regulation systems of the organism. Within the framework of the study, we used the light waters in different variants: 

1. On the one hand, we classically applied light waters in the form of basic mixtures. These were discovered by Enza Maria Ciccolo. In the course of her experience, she discovered that the light waters have different effects depending on their origin and that it can be useful to mix them. The patients took these basic mixtures daily for certain periods of time. 

2. Then we cut different light water combinations individually for the patient. Here we took into account the state of the chakras and which germ leaf was affected (according to the New Medicine of Gerd Hamer). In addition, the personal biorhythm (daily rhythm taking into account the time of birth) went into the selection. Following Traditional Chinese Medicine, we administered appropriate light-water mixtures at precisely defined times using the method “Zi wu liu zhu zhen jiu Liao fa” – which in principle translates as “treatment method according to the flow of time”. Here, after a complicated calculation, the exact time and place (acupuncture point) are determined where the maximum of Yuan Qi (origin Qi or cosmic Qi) is available, which leads to a much stronger effect and effectiveness. According to this system, we calculated which acupuncture points should be activated in each patient. To accompany the acupuncture treatments, the patients then received light-water mixtures specially adapted to them.

3. Furthermore, we used the special geometric energy structure at the sites to energize and harmonize the living space. The patients were given wooden constructions according to the golden section (rhomboid base), in which there were five vessels filled with different light waters. They placed these constructions in the center of the room and renewed it once a month

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Microorganisms and bacteria lose their aggressiveness due to the light water

Places, where light water is found, correspond to the golden ratio.

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