Aqua Prestige Wins Silver at FineWaters SUMMIT 2024!

Aqua Prestige proudly participated in this year’s prestigious FineWaters SUMMIT, held in Donostia-San Sebastián on April 27-28. This event brought together the best water brands from around the world to celebrate excellence in water quality and innovation. We are thrilled to announce that our exceptional water was honored with the silver medal in the STILL […]

Aqua Prestige is a Member of the Fine Water Society

We are thrilled to announce that our esteemed product, Aqua Prestige water, has been recognized and included in the prestigious Fine Water Society (FWS). Founded in 2008, the Fine Water Society is a global platform that sets the benchmark for exceptional water, celebrating the art of water appreciation and transforming the perception of this elemental […]

Dark mode – ON Bottle

For millions of years, this water has worked its way through the valuable rock. It washes the veins of gold and silver. The ideal content of ionized precious metals and other high-quality minerals makes this special water an Aqua Prestige! This water is filled in high-quality and noble glass bottles, according to its high quality […]

Radiesthetic certificate for Aqua Prestige

Sources in Stanija village, Buces commune, Huneadoara county Verification of the water sample on 03.10.2022 Summary Evaluation From a Radiesthetic point of view Aqua Prestige spring source is to be assessed as a water of the HIGHEST QUALITY, for several reasons: On a Bovis scale of 40,000 BE, the measurements each yield 40,000 BE! This is the highest value of […]

The secret of the sacred springs

The following remarks are based on an article by Peter Elster, Munich, 2006Light water therapy Are the pilgrims right after all? For thousands of years, they have been wandering to the so-called holy springs to strengthen the body, mind, and soul. Medical and physical studies suggest that the waters from Lourdes, Montichiari, or Medjugorje are […]