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Aqua Prestige.

For millions of years, this water has made its way through the valuable rock, washing gold and silver veins, enriching itself with the ideal content of ionized precious metals and other high-quality minerals along with its unique energetic value, that’s what makes this special water an Aqua Prestige!

Unique Energetic Value

This rich water springing from the depths of the earth in a highly energetic area, containing the perfect amount of exquisite minerals and ionized unparalleled metals, this water is rich in light which gives Aqua Prestige Water its unique energetic value. This extraordinary product of nature, this water is a drinking experience, an enjoyment.

Gold Particles

This water travels a long distance until it reaches us, washing the golden veins of the earth on its way, absorbing the ideal amount of colloidal gold, which contributes to the stimulation of the body's vital force.

40,000 BE

Conventional water has an energetic value of approx. 25,000 BE (Bovesian Energy units). An energetic value of 40,000 BE makes our very special water an Aqua Prestige!

Silver Particles

Making its way to the surface, it passes through the silver veins and is naturally enriched with silver colloids, thereby having natural antioxidant, antibacterial and antibiotic effects.


Yang-oriented water is quite rare, when this water emerges from our spring in Romania, it is already eminently Yang-oriented, this surprisingly high polarity makes it so unique, considering that ordinary spring water has a value of only 15%.

Our Products

Considering the superior properties of this miraculous water, we are proud of the fact that we managed to create a product that highlights and at the same time protects its unique qualities. Thus, the bottles, both White and Black are created from premium materials that protect the contents from UV rays, keeping the water pure and fresh for extended periods of time.

The unique properties of Aqua Prestige water must be protected, that's why for the moments when you want cooler water, we have prepared stainless steel ice cubes so that you don't dilute the special water with anything else. To see the full range of our items check the products page.


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Authentic Product

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is discreetly embedded in the bottle cap to prove the authenticity of the water. All it takes is a swipe of an NFC-enabled device, such as a smartphone, and the official water source can be confirmed. This innovation represents the most powerful product weapon in the fight against counterfeit products.

White Bottle

This water is filled into high-quality and noble glass bottles according to its high quality at the source, just as one of the best water in the world deserves. The white bottle has a matte coating, which doesn't let the UV rays change its properties, but keeps the water fresh and pure for extended periods of time.

Black Bottle

Aqua Prestige water is bottled exactly as it comes directly from nature, naturally filtered, without added elements or sediment. In addition to white bottles, we also have the option of dark bottle, the safest packaging invented so far, keeping the naturally alkaline water inside, which guarantees proper hydration of the human body.


This unique spring in the mountains of Romania only releases 4 million liters of its precious water every year. This limited availability of this gold water makes it a very special one. That's why if you're interested in a water with a unique energetic value, contact us below.