Aqua Prestige

For millions of years, this water has made its way through the valuable rock. It washes gold and silver veins.
The ideal content of ionized precious metals and other high-quality minerals make this water a special water -an Aqua Prestige!
When it gushes out of our spring in Romania, then it is 45% Yin-oriented water. Usual spring water has a value of 15%. This surprisingly high left polarity makes it a very special water -an Aqua Prestige! Conventional water has an energetic value of approx. 25,000 BE (BovesianEnergy units). An energetic value of 36,500 BE makes our water very special -an Aqua Prestige!

Gold | Silver | Rich Water

This extraordinary product of nature, this water is a drinking experience, an enjoyment.
This water is filled into high-quality and noble bottles according to its high quality at the source, just as it deserves, one of the best water in the world
-an Aqua Prestige!


Aqua Prestige

This unique spring in the mountains of Romania only releases 4 million liters of its precious water every year.
This limited availability of this gold water makes it a very special water -an aqua prestige!


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